Monday, January 3, 2011

My new Years Resolutions

I have a resolution for 2011. A few of them actually. I have NEVER made one but this year I have a few- or maybe its several.

The first one being to lose weight. blah blah blah... That one is a given. I am so sick of food right now that one seems like it will be easy.HILARIOUS!

My second resolution is to blog. iI used to be so good about it but life got in the way and I figured it was more important to actually take care of my family rather than just blogging about taking care of my family. The thing is though, the other day I visited the 'ol blog and realized its like this great scrapbook of my life and I LOVED it! Even if nobody reads it, it is still a record of memories and quite frankly, I had forgotten many of the things I had blogged about! And the fact that Santa brought me a new Mac for Christmas makes it all the more fun! So I guess this means that my children will all look like they are homeless again but at least I will have record of it!

Along with that is the resolution that I will keep Caringbridge updated as well. That one is tough as we are in this "holding pattern" waiting on Hutton's new heart. Not much to say about it really...THANKFULLY. She is doing quite well and thriving. I try my best to not take these good days for granted because when you are in the throws of it, you LONG for a nice status quo day. I realize that as soon as we get the call, life is going to SUCK for about six months (if we are lucky). My family will be torn apart and poor little Hutton will have to endure so much. My brain can't "go there" right now. God will get us through like always but it will still be painful.

My last and most important is to read the complete bible this year. I have never done that before. I realized when my kids would come home and tell me something that they learned in bible and I would say, "thats not in the bible!" and they would show me that it was, it was time for me to get with it. I cannot fail at this goal because I would be letting someone really important down so I will prayerfully attempt this commitment.

So... here's to 2011. Could be a life changing year. Praying for all my friends out there for a joyful year. Life is hard. I have just learned to accept that but in the pain, I find JOY. It must be a God given gift because I can't explain how you could find JOY when you are waiting for a heart for your sick baby.



melanie, aka Mo said...

Hey homey! I decided to skip over and see if you'd updated. You know, you've been so consistent and all! And voila! A new commitment!! So, I stand with you on your commitment to blog. Count me in as a follower! You comment on mine, and I will on yours. I agree with the whole scrapbook thing... that's primarily why I do it! I haven't had time to actually scrap with this year's move and two toddlers, but this will account my life as it is daily! And remember, you can print out your blog into a book! WOuld make a great "prize" to you for reading your entire Bible! go you!!

So, let this be your first encouragement! See you in blog world!

ginaburch said...

Love you Jill!!! This WILL be a life changing year:) They all are:). I am so glad you'll be back to's therapeutic, I always say...

CarolinaGirl said...

I am so glad your back. I get updates on Hutton from her website, and I was so happy to see NO TUBES! I continue to pray for that sweet girl, and I am so so sorry about your beautiful dog. You are right though, no more pain for him! Glad to see you back sista :)