Monday, February 15, 2010

At what point do we get used to it? Thought by now, I would be a pro. I am not. Same feelings of butterflies and uncertainty that I felt over two years ago are as fresh as the day is long. This one feels particularly raw.
Just got the final confirmation of Hutton's reconstructive surgery. David and I will be taking Hutton to Philadelphia on February 28th with surgery planned for March the 4th. Although we have been praying for this date, reality has now slapped us square between the eyes as we prepare for a very long March. I got an email from our favorite anesthesiologist, Dr. Montenegro who is now a beloved friend. When I read the words which I am certain meant no harm whatsoever, my heart dropped to the floor. She said, "so- you have to be up here for five weeks? You better bring the sunshine. March can be a long month.". Uggh. DREADING IT!
For anyone curious, here is the plan: We arrive in Philly on February 28th and will be staying at my sweet friend's penthouse (I just like saying that I have a friend with a penthouse). I thank God for my sweet friend Stephanie. (I need to blog about her. More on her later). On March the 1st, she has an appointment with the airway specialist, Dr. Jacobs. We have a few appointments scattered on that day with various departments. On March 4th, Hutton will have her trachea reconstructed. The surgery will consist of an incision on her lower side to remove a piece of rib cartilage. Then there will be an incision on her neck where they will be doing the actual reconstructing using the rib cartilage to open up the airway nice and wide. She will be intubated through a tube in her nose and on the ventilator for a minimum of 4 days. Its been a long time since we have seen our baby intubated and on a vent. At that point, They will extubate her and send us to the floor. That in itself is huge for us. We have only stayed in the CICU at CHOP. Everyone (and I mean everyone) knows our precious Buttons there. The CCU is the "step down" unit where the kids go who aren't as sick. What the?! Seriously? As exciting as that sounds, leaving all the Doctors and the nurses who know us so well is so unsettling to me. I will still have my sweet Steph and Dr. Montenegro checking in on us I am sure but I think it will feel so lonely over there. Hutton gets the royal treatment in the CICU. Everyone over there is her biggest cheerleader. The good news is that I think I heard somebody say that we will score a private room. Shoot me now if we don't.
David will be staying in Philly until after her surgery but then will be returning home to tend to business and four precious children who will be waiting for their Daddy. Please say a prayer for everyone involved in the care of our children while we are gone. I am sure that they will be having flashbacks to August of 2007 when we left for what was supposed to be a month and five months later returned home to Knoxville THANKFULLY with a baby sister. The twins have a hard time putting their emotions into words and can seem angry at times. Mary Lawson is a walking basket case and poor old Cooper J. tries his best to be the man of the house and keep it all together.
I am going to try my best to blog here and update caringbridge as often as possible as well as facebook. I am so very thankful for my friends and family who help me keep it together during these times. What would I do without you?!