Wednesday, October 14, 2009

coming clean...

I have a confession to make...
Look for it... take a closer look~
Do you see it? FACEBOOK. There! I said it! My name is Jill and I am addicted to facebook. Sorry for the lack of updates. If you are my facebook friend than you are VERY updated on whats going on around The Johnson household. I am going to TRY to do better. Starting now-
We are actually on the tail-end of swine flu. Everyone has had it except for me and Cooper J. Yes- everyone. Miss Hutton has it now. She is doing really good. Praising God for it all! I had been consumed with fear of her getting it. I surrendered it to God. I knew it was out of my hands. God has been there every moment of her life and I knew he wouldn't leave us now. He is soooooo GOOD!
Hutton gets her braces for her legs tomorrow! I can't wait! Looking forward to chasing her around this house!Oh - the things I took for granted with my other four kids. I will post pics!
David's business is picking up. He is finishing up the S&W Grand downtown and the big opening is this weekend. Its a historical restaurant here in Knoxville and is quite the buzz around town. I will post pictures of the party as well.
Mimi and Reagan have lost their top two teeth. Double CUTE!!! I will post pictures.
Cooper broke his arm and had to have surgery. He is now cast free and already back at football. His next two games are against Austin East and Fulton. Double YIKES!
ML just started Sharks. I will explain later. Lets just say she is THRILLED to wear the uniform even if she isn't competing.
I am... NOTHING. Same ol' same ol'. Loving my days with Hutton. We get the big kids off to school and its playtime! She is my love.
Okay- stay tuned for all those pictures I promised you~ ;)
I leave you with the most beautiful Fall mum I have ever seen.

Happy Fall, Ya'll!