Thursday, June 4, 2009

Okay- I have been trying to put all our beach pictures in order and downloaded here on blogger and it is taking me FOREVER. Wish I was a little bit more computer literate but sadly I am not and Cooper and ML are at Nana and Papas for the week so nobody can help me out. I have a feeling that most of you don't care what order they are in or the fact that I have no poetic words to go along with each photo. I am pretty sure you just want to see a cute baby in cute bathingsuits- sooooo... here goes!
Our house was incredible! This is the first thing you saw as you walked in the front door.This is a shot of all our flip flops.

Maggie was running along the beach- doing her very best Bo Derek. We did a little bit of this-Oh! This was cute! Merri and Libby-Skipping along the beach into the surf. It was HILARIOUS.Just wanted to show you how Hutton spent her time by the pool. We put a baby pool by the big pool and then put her in her Bumbo chair to make sure she didn't tip over. She loved it. She loved watching the big kids jump in and splash her a little. So sweet.Had to put this one in because her little tounge is so cute!
The guys went golfing in Wild Dunes. This is Gary, Jim, and David.

David and Cooper J.
Then they did a little deep sea fishing. Cooper did a lot of this-

But they did manage to reel in this-

Cooper was excited when Tristan made it into town.
Cooper and his Daddy.

Oh- this was FUN! The girls went to Mt. Pleasant to our friend's resturant. Stephen graduated from highschool with all of us girls. The guys stayed home with the kids.
We came home to a little of this-

Gary B. on his gutair
Look at these cuties. This is Merri's son, Garrett and his friend Adrian.
These next ones were made on our staircase at our house. First born to least...
Then we have The Murray kids- Dylanand Maggie.
Mimi Kate and Hutton Button-
Naptime! Mary Lawson and Hutton.

Pretty Shannon- we nicknamed her Eva.
Jack Holt
Shannon making the little ones help her out with a little decorating project.

Taking a nap on the beach. Is there anything more inviting?

Cooper doing a little skim boarding.
Rea, Dylan, and Mimi Kate
Sleeping in her Daddy's arms.
The girls.

The guys. Ummmm! This was the night we did a low country boil.

Merri and JIm pouring it out on the table.

Hutton with her backpack on. It holds her food pump.

Drinking a juice box.
Cooper J jumping for JOY!

Hutton's first time having her toes in the sand.
Jim and David with their baby girls.
Mag- pie and Hutton

Hutton playing with Daddy.
Mommy sneaking in some sandy sugar.

Hutt and Maggie building sandcastles.

Cooper J.- I LOVE this boy!

I have more to share but its going to have to wait! We had such a wonderful time and felt blessed to be able to go to the beach this year and even more blessed that we got to go to the beach as a family of seven. Hutton did sooooooo great! Praising God for all his blessings!