Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Isle of Palms

We are here- vacation! Every moment is being soaked up. Sweet memories. The kids are having so much fun. Hutton is adapting to a new routine of no routine. We have been setting up a little plastic pool for her with a Bumbo chair inside to prevent her from falling over. She LOVES it. I can't wait to get her trach out so she can get in the big pool. More pictures to come- for now its back to the beach!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cooper Hayworth Johnson
Faithful- full of life- mature- immature-sweet- heart of gold- prays like no other- FUNNY-follower of Christ-precious soul- helper-friend-big brother-son- grandson- nephew- cousin-everyone loves Cooper J... and no wonder-Take a look at this sweet face. He is not a baby anymore. He is in Middle School. My first born baby... Oh! Its so true what they say about them growing up too fast.I blinked. He is in Middle School. What happened? I can't tell you how very proud I am to be his "Moma". He turned eleven and graduated from Elementary school all in the same month. It was almost more than this Momas heart could take. I am so happy about the young man he has become. I wish you could all hear him pray. That boy can PRAY!

This is the last Elementary School Chapel for him. Sigh.

His very last Elementary Field Day.

Here he is hanging with his buddies... playing ball. I LOVE his friends too. He has done such a great job choosing friends. They are all "good boys". I love them. I am proud of his decision to be all he can be. I am proud of his contagious smile and laugh. I am proud of how smart he is and how quick witted he is. I am proud of how hard he tries to please The Lord. I am proud.
Happy Birthday Sweet Love! You will always be my favorite son! You are something special!
Now.... You didn't think you were walking away without seeing pictures of Buttons did you? So BIG and so SWEET! I could kiss her lips off her face!