Thursday, January 1, 2009

Looking back on Christmas

Just wanted to post a few pictures from Christmas. Nothing witty to say about them. I hope you can see what a great Christmas it was for us. It was PRECIOUS! Especially since we had this little gift home with us...
Hutton in front of the tree in her Daddy's rocking chair.
Christmas Eve lunch at The Hyatt. David's family has been doing this for 31 years. This year was the first that we were joined by The Dunns.
The kids. The Johnson's, The Baum's, and The Dunns
Nana Johnson and her good friend Violet. She has been a faithful prayer warrior for Hutton and she just has a special place in her heart for her. So sweet!
Mary Lawson on Christmas Morning showing off her new laptop and desk.Cooper got a PSP.
Mary Lawson with her china dolls
Mimi and a game-Reagan helping Hutton with her stocking-Mary Lawson Waiting to open presents-Hutton with her favorite toy from Santa- A Jenny Jump-up This is at David's parents. We played "dirty Santa". This is ML explaining the rules to everyone.
The Babies- Hutton and Rebecca
Filling our plates with all the yummy food that Nana made.

Amy, Rebecca, and AlanDavid's cousin, Leah. All the little kids LOVE her!
Uncle Alan and Hutton spending some time together.
Samuel and Hutton
Mimi and Hutton
Baby New Year- Hutton Button Johnson
This is our little family ringing in The New Year.
The Murrays- Jim, Shannon, Maggie, and Dylan

Mimi and Dylan passed out BEFORE midnight! Sweet memories.