Saturday, November 21, 2009


Just wanted to take a moment to give THANKS to The Lord for all our blessings. He is so good and we are so grateful for each and every life experience He has given us. My prayer for each one of you is that you will be thankful for the big and small things and that we would all realize that even in the hard times, we should give thanks. I hope that each one of you has a special Thanksgiving surrounded by people you love. I will be and I am so excited!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Philly is calling...

Pure, sweet, innocent...

Does this look like a sick baby to you? Its easy to forget. I got the sobering call from CHOP that reminded me yesterday that she does, in fact, have a lot of issues still. Issues that we will be dealing with head on come January 7th. Issues that I PRAY can be dealt with in January. Until then, we will continue to remember where God has brought us from and praise him for blessing us with this perfect little gift. Hutton continues to get stronger everyday with her walking. She is so afraid of falling that she just won't let go. A hard lesson to learn for us all.

And just in case you had any doubts about how strong she is, don't know if I mentioned it to you but Miss Buttons had H1N1 and recovered beautifully. God is so good. Cooper, on the other hand landed a stay at East Tennessee Children's Hospital and was very ill. We are all on the mend and ready for the holidays.Thanksgiving is here this year and David and I are so excited to host it this year. Thank you to all our friends for praying for our sweet baby. Please be praying that she will be ready to have reconstructive surgery on her trachea and we can then get her much needed Fontan. xoxo

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Monkey Baby

Hutton's third Halloween was- well.... WET! She had so much fun though. She was the cutest Monkey Baby and we had a blast riding in Daddy's truck pulling all the trick or treaters around on the hayride. So FUN! Just have a few pictures to share.
Mary Lawson as Hannah Montana and Hadly as Disco Dolly... This was pretty funny. Cooper J ( who was recovering from a nice long hospital stay) dressed as a big fat lady. Look at Hutton next to him laughing! She thinks Cooper is so cute!

Reagan was dressed as some sort of Winter girl. It was a really cute costume and soooooo her!
Mimi wanted to be a "china girl". She is a little obsessed with China and I am pretty sure that she secretly wishes that she were adopted from China like some of her friends.
And one final picture of Hutton.
We had fun but I could have done without the rain. The kids didn't seem to mind. Happy fall ya'll!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

coming clean...

I have a confession to make...
Look for it... take a closer look~
Do you see it? FACEBOOK. There! I said it! My name is Jill and I am addicted to facebook. Sorry for the lack of updates. If you are my facebook friend than you are VERY updated on whats going on around The Johnson household. I am going to TRY to do better. Starting now-
We are actually on the tail-end of swine flu. Everyone has had it except for me and Cooper J. Yes- everyone. Miss Hutton has it now. She is doing really good. Praising God for it all! I had been consumed with fear of her getting it. I surrendered it to God. I knew it was out of my hands. God has been there every moment of her life and I knew he wouldn't leave us now. He is soooooo GOOD!
Hutton gets her braces for her legs tomorrow! I can't wait! Looking forward to chasing her around this house!Oh - the things I took for granted with my other four kids. I will post pics!
David's business is picking up. He is finishing up the S&W Grand downtown and the big opening is this weekend. Its a historical restaurant here in Knoxville and is quite the buzz around town. I will post pictures of the party as well.
Mimi and Reagan have lost their top two teeth. Double CUTE!!! I will post pictures.
Cooper broke his arm and had to have surgery. He is now cast free and already back at football. His next two games are against Austin East and Fulton. Double YIKES!
ML just started Sharks. I will explain later. Lets just say she is THRILLED to wear the uniform even if she isn't competing.
I am... NOTHING. Same ol' same ol'. Loving my days with Hutton. We get the big kids off to school and its playtime! She is my love.
Okay- stay tuned for all those pictures I promised you~ ;)
I leave you with the most beautiful Fall mum I have ever seen.

Happy Fall, Ya'll!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Saying goodbye to The Big City. Hutton and I will leave Philly tomorrow without a plan. sigh. It feels different leaving this time. We usually leave on "good terms"- temporarily fixed and ready to get back to Knoxville to tackle everyday life in the Johnson Party of Seven household. We are in a holding pattern. The thoughts of the months ahead are sickening. I am exhausted already. It is such an honor to be her mama. I will do anything and everything that needs to be done to save her but the truth is, its not up to me. Its not up to Dr. Gaynor or Dr, Rychik, or Dr. Bremer, or even Dr. Jacobs. Hutton's future rests in the palm of The Great Healer. We will continue to praise Him for where he has brought her from and pray for another miracle for Sweet Buttons.
Looking foward to seeing what God has in store for our little family.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Okay- I have been trying to put all our beach pictures in order and downloaded here on blogger and it is taking me FOREVER. Wish I was a little bit more computer literate but sadly I am not and Cooper and ML are at Nana and Papas for the week so nobody can help me out. I have a feeling that most of you don't care what order they are in or the fact that I have no poetic words to go along with each photo. I am pretty sure you just want to see a cute baby in cute bathingsuits- sooooo... here goes!
Our house was incredible! This is the first thing you saw as you walked in the front door.This is a shot of all our flip flops.

Maggie was running along the beach- doing her very best Bo Derek. We did a little bit of this-Oh! This was cute! Merri and Libby-Skipping along the beach into the surf. It was HILARIOUS.Just wanted to show you how Hutton spent her time by the pool. We put a baby pool by the big pool and then put her in her Bumbo chair to make sure she didn't tip over. She loved it. She loved watching the big kids jump in and splash her a little. So sweet.Had to put this one in because her little tounge is so cute!
The guys went golfing in Wild Dunes. This is Gary, Jim, and David.

David and Cooper J.
Then they did a little deep sea fishing. Cooper did a lot of this-

But they did manage to reel in this-

Cooper was excited when Tristan made it into town.
Cooper and his Daddy.

Oh- this was FUN! The girls went to Mt. Pleasant to our friend's resturant. Stephen graduated from highschool with all of us girls. The guys stayed home with the kids.
We came home to a little of this-

Gary B. on his gutair
Look at these cuties. This is Merri's son, Garrett and his friend Adrian.
These next ones were made on our staircase at our house. First born to least...
Then we have The Murray kids- Dylanand Maggie.
Mimi Kate and Hutton Button-
Naptime! Mary Lawson and Hutton.

Pretty Shannon- we nicknamed her Eva.
Jack Holt
Shannon making the little ones help her out with a little decorating project.

Taking a nap on the beach. Is there anything more inviting?

Cooper doing a little skim boarding.
Rea, Dylan, and Mimi Kate
Sleeping in her Daddy's arms.
The girls.

The guys. Ummmm! This was the night we did a low country boil.

Merri and JIm pouring it out on the table.

Hutton with her backpack on. It holds her food pump.

Drinking a juice box.
Cooper J jumping for JOY!

Hutton's first time having her toes in the sand.
Jim and David with their baby girls.
Mag- pie and Hutton

Hutton playing with Daddy.
Mommy sneaking in some sandy sugar.

Hutt and Maggie building sandcastles.

Cooper J.- I LOVE this boy!

I have more to share but its going to have to wait! We had such a wonderful time and felt blessed to be able to go to the beach this year and even more blessed that we got to go to the beach as a family of seven. Hutton did sooooooo great! Praising God for all his blessings!