Saturday, December 27, 2008

Johnson Babies

Mimi (6), Cooper (10), Mary Lawson (8), Reagan (6), Hutton (15 months)
Aren't they precious? We think so. Heres to saying goodbye to 2008 and looking foward to what 2009 brings! Thanking God for his many blessing this year! Love from The Johnsons

Friday, December 26, 2008

T'was the night before the night before...

We had the pleasure of being invited to The Sapps for the night before the night before Christmas. We had so much fun. Santa came! Can you believe it?! The night before Christmas Eve? Wow! We felt so lucky to be there! I loved these pictures that April D took. I forgot my camera! She did a great job I thought!
The whole family!

I must confess that I LOVE crying Santa pictures! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!The mamas! Aren't we something else? Who is the tart on Santa's lap?! Just Kidding April! You know I love you! I have tons of pictures from Christmas that I want to share but it will have to wait! This house is a wreck! I love Christmas and we had such a good one! Hutton was precious and so were the other four babies! Can't wait to share!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Here comes Santa Claus...

Tuesday night we had big plans. I mean BIG- at least to the kiddos. We went to see The Big Guy. Let me start by saying that I usually have a picture in my mind of what special times like these will be like only to turn to David midway through and say, "why do we bother?". Ususlly never turns out like I planned. Somebody is mad or gets hurt or fighting breaks out. Well- I am so happy to say that my vision was not ruined and it was a FUN night! It started out at Build a Bear. The heart support group took all the cardiac kids and their siblings to build a bear and let them each build their owm bear and get an outfit for it. What a TREAT! Then, they took us on over to eat pizza! The kids were in heaven! So fun! We decided that since we were all at the mall, we should go ahead and do the whole Santa thing. Here is the whole gang!Cooper J isn't too big for Santa.
Reagan telling Santa she wants an orange bike. What?! Orange?!

Mimi was a little shy. She told him she wanted a Baby Alive.

Sweet Mary Lawson told Santa she wanted world peace. Just kidding! She wants some new Uggs!

I was surprised that Hutt didn't cry. I was a little disappointed. I LOVE crying Santa pictures!

Here is HUtton with a bunch of bears.

It was so much fun. We are soaking up memories of Hutton's first Christmas at HOME! Its going to be a good one this year!