Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Good food- Good Company- Good times!
This year was a very laid back kind of year at my parents. It was such a great day and we had so much fun. Here are a few images of what our day was like....

Cooper J and my nephew, Patch
Me and my big cuz, Chrissy, and my big sister, Jeanie

My nephew, Jack lovin' on Hutton Button

David sitting down for some YUMMY food!

Reagan Elisabeth chowin' down!
Mimi Kate got a leg!Daddy and my Uncle Norris
Oma (my mom) and Mimi sharing some Thanksgiving LOVE!
Mary Lawson gets a hug from GG Dot! So PRECIOUS!
A Turkey induced coma-
and finally.... whats Thanksgiving without a little football?!

We sure had a lot to be thankful for this year. We have had Hutton home in Tennessee for a year now. We have been blessed with many things but realize that family and friends is what its all about! Hope you all had a good one!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkeys and Grandparents

Oh- where to start?! I've been falling behind on my blogging! So much to catch you up on! There is just no way. So- lets just start fresh. ..

Yesterday. It was Grandparents Day and Thanksgiving feast. Whew! I get exhausted just thinking about it again! It was a SUPER busy day and cowboy boots was not the best choice for all that running around. (neither were the Paige Jeans I was wearing but thats for another blog =) )

Let me start by saying that I have more pictures of Mimi because I helped in her class. So here goes- Grandparents day/Thanksgiving Feast 2008

Mrs. Prine's sweet class sitting down to the feast that they had spent the day before preparing.

And now for the giving thanks part....Mimi and Sydney ( not sure why this is underlined in blue)The wild little IndiansMimi and Mrs. Prine in the campus center getting ready to perform for the grandsReagan Elisabeth at her feast over in Mrs. Hamel's room Mason Cosey giving Reagan some love.

Rea telling everyone about her picture of her grandparents

SingingDaddy and ML watching Reagan sing
Reagan and Mrs. HamelReagan and Parker Peterson in the campus centerThe little girl who sat in front of me and April who kept telling us to shush!
Cooper and ML hangin in the fifth grade room

The girls with Nana and Papa and Oma and Opa
And of course, the day ends like this. At least one having a fit about something!
All in all, I thought it was a precious day and I know we have so much to be thankful for but I have to mention how thankful we are for CAK. I love it that they could sit down to their feast and thank JESUS for their blessings!
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Enjoying Fall

My sweet baby girl-

Hutton Button. My sweet OLDEST baby girl, Princess Picklehead.
Goofing off with the camera and a very serious Hutton. Goodtimes.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Take her down, pass her around....


Okay... so I took a ton of pictures but I have no patience for blogger to download them BUT I did want to share a few (okay, quite a few) so here goes- Our Halloween Night.Let me start by telling you that Hutton had two costumes. The adorable tutu is from her best beau, Dylan Urbanick up in Pennsylvania. She looked sooooo adorable! The headband flower was bought in Haddonfield. She HATED the headband. Of course, I made her wear it for a few pictures and although she wasn't crying in all of them, this is what they mainly looked like...

So we had a quick wardrobe change and she was MUCH happier! Cute little pumpkin! This was Parker Dunn's old costume. Precious! Just to think that last year, Hutton was the same color as the pumpkin, well- its awesome to see how far this little philly has come!

Then for the "passing around" part-Everyone took their turn lovin' on Hutton. Although it wasn't her first Halloween, it might have well have been. We were soaking up every moment with that sweet babe!I can't believe I am posting this picture. Can you tell how TIRED I was?!
Jimmy Dunn getting some love in-April Dunn wasn't gonna miss out either!Em Tanner showed in her super cute tee! ('t forget about Daddy! He needed some Halloween love too!Then finally on to her nurse, Miss Robyn who took over Hutton duty so we could all go out trick or treating! But not before we got a shot of Hutt with her bff Maggie Dean Murray- (who was a devil who looks like an angel!)Here everyone is getting ready to get on the hayride-'cause..." thats how we roll!" (that ones for you April)Parker and her sweet mama!Maggie and her sweet mamaSweet Hildy and her mama (ha ha! You know I love you Em!) The guys
Look at my sweet Hadly Anna! Oh- I just LOVE this girl! ( I always love the mean ones!)
Of course we had to stop at Oma and Opa's house. Cooper J. getting loved on by his Opa-
and guess who was there "monkeying" around... my nephew, Jack!The girlies- Claire. Haddie, and ML the big guys- Guyer, Cooper, and Haydn (aka Micheal Phelps)

and finally, the night ended with a little candy sorting and smores!
I have no idea what "rainbow skeleton" is doing here. That is Taylor who made up his very own costume. He had the vision of a skeleton that was different colors so he colored it all by himself. He is taking orders for next year if you are interested!

Yes, Parker- I think your marshmellow is on fire!

Good Times!