Friday, October 31, 2008

Pumpkin carving

Pumpkin carving last night. Only a few fights and a few tears... Mimi gets a little help from De-da. (thats what my girls called David when they were babies).
Cooper trying his best with one of those stencils that are soooo hard. He finally gave up.

Sweet Sissy. As always, taking her sweet time. She is my little perfectionist.

Mimi Kate trying a butter knife. That didn't work out so well. God love her... She IS book smart at least!
I know that I don't have any individual shots of Reagan. That girl is always on the move. She was done with hers in about 2 seconds and then wanted to go spend some time with Robyn (HUtton's night nurse) and Buttons. I PROMISE to get some good pictures of her tonight!
The Johnson gang.
(and I use that term lightly of course!)
Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lil' Punkin'

Hutton's new "funny face". She does it.... we laugh hysterically... she cracks up.

What a sweetie!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

But baby its cold outside...

Cooper's last football game. The end of the season. I had fun. I hope he did too.DAJ could have done without the practices but not Coop. He had to be at them all. He LOVED it. Thanking God for simple pleasures. The last game wasn't quite as I had pictured. For starters, it began at 8. Thats right folks- EIGHT. Might as well have been midnight. Would have stayed home with the girls but- it WAS HIS LAST GAME. We all went. Coldest night of the year. Freeze warning I believe. Hutton fell asleep on the way there. Not a good sign. The big girls decided that they didn't REALLY need to listen to good old mom. They left their coats at home. I couldn't help myself- "I told you so". Moms should never say that but I couldn't control my tounge. Hutton was bundled up and looked Oh SO very CUTE! Precious!
But even the cold got to her. Especially when the rain started. As cold as it was, I just knew that the wet stuff I was feeling had to be snow but it was only rain. Cold and wet.

The girls hung in there cheering on their brothers until the bitter end. By bitter, I am speaking of the temp and the fact that we lost.

Good times. Can't wait until next year. I am so proud of you, Cooper. You worked hard and had such amazing team spirit. You learned a TON and really got good. I couldn't ask for a better son!

Pretty baby...

(with skinny legs)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Finger and fork foods-

Add this....

Plus this....and you MIGHT just get this....I have learned something new about Miss Buttons. Well, I guess I really knew it all along. She is an independant little lady. I have been trying to feed her and she purses her lips together and shakes her head no. Let her have the control and its a different story. I can almost hear her say, "I DO IT!!!" just like my other independant little ladies.

And now for a little dessert!
Nothings better than a little chocolate! Yummy!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Home from Philly

Well- we are home! A super great visit in Philly! Hutton sailed through another surgery and is happy to be tubeless. Now isf we could get that trach out! In God's perfect time... right? I just wanted to share some memoral moments from our time in Philly and Haddonfield, NJ at Hutton's "Aunt Stephanie's" house.Hutton's last picture with her NG tube. She was sleeping just before we walked her down to the OR.Hutton came back up from surgery awake and off her vent but quickly fell fast asleep. Ahhhh- those drugs are good! She often falls asleep with her leg in the weirdest positions! After she woke up, I had to get some PJ's on her. I hate it when she is lying around in a diaper. It makes her look so sick! This is the first face shot without her NG tube! Yea!The next morning, I was getting her dressed- yes, complete with a hairbow. Her nurse came in and laid down her flow sheet. Hutton grabbed it and started checking out "her numbers". At this point, I believe Hutton could diagnose and treat herself! Ha!Hutton sitting up like a big girl, loving on her lamb, Tina. (thanks Tina Thompson! I promise you, this child LOVES her lamb!)I think this picture is precious and sad all in one... don't you?!Just before we got to leave on Friday, Jill Sullivan came by to entertain Hutton. She loved the balloons that the bible study girls sent! Of course the Elmo balloon was a big hit!When we arrived at Stephanie's, Hutton was so excited to see Savannah! She LOVED her. Savannah was a good sport and so gentle. The next morning when we came downstairs, Hutton was looking for her friend...Ah- there she is!!!!Now I think I will try out Uncle David's chair while he is away.
We got dressed and ventured out for the day. We were there for the perfect weekend! Haddonfield was having a fall festival. This is the most precious town! I would move there in a minute if DAJ would follow! We ate lunch at a little resturant on the street. Quite possibly the best french toast I have EVER eaten. Hutton was loving the little bites I was giving her.

Next we went to the nursery to get some mums and pumpkins for Stephanie's front yard. By the way, it was pretty cool out but Hutton would not let me put a jacket on her.I think at this point, HUtton was over me posing her on pumpkins! On Sunday, we had to head back to Knoxville. We were both so sad to go! We ate some breakfast with Stephanie before we headed out to the airport. I was happy to see David and the kids but sad that I had to leave Steph. She is one of my closest friends who I love dearly! She is amazing! Although I will have to say I was a little disappointed with her dishtowels not being ironed this time! What a slacker! I tell her that I will be able to perform heart transplants too someday- as soon as I finish up these online courses I am taking! Ha!
Good times!
We Love You, Steph! Come to Knoxville soon!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pumpkins and cute babies!!!!

Just wanted to post these super cute pictures of the kids. I don't have a whole lot of time to "blog". I am minutes away from heading to Philly with Hutton for surgery. Take a good look at this precious face- next time you see it, it will be tube-less! Yep- The old G-tube. Bittersweet to say the least. Please pray for her tomorrow and the days to follow as she recovers. Mag- Pie... Maggie Dean Murray
Sweet Sissy- Mary Lawson Johnson
Shannon and Reagan
Yummy! Maybe she will eat some pumpkin pie!
The gang- Hutton, Mary Lawson, Cooper, Mimi, Maggie, Reagan, and Dylan. (if anything ever happens to me and David, This will be Jim and Shannon's gang! Can you imagine?!)

Hutton, David A, and me

Mimi sweet!
Are we in Texas?!
My Man!
My boy! Cooper J!
Uncle Jom and Dylan seeing how tall they are this year.
Reagan and Dylan. I love how he is looking at her!
What a great big sister!
Mag pie and Mimi
Chowin' down on healthy hotdogs!
Burning off lunch- climbing the big wall! Mary Lawson and Cooper J.

The Hayride- ML and Rea
This is the cute pumpkin I want!

Going home! Hutton is not letting go of her pumpkin! Thanks Murrays for an awesome afternoon! We love ya'll! My next post will be from Philly!