Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bye Bye Baby!

Hutton's newest trick. She is so proud! Man! She is sooooo stinkin' cute!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Blogger ate my pictures!!!!

Well- its gonna be short and to the point tonight. I have been working on Hutton's birthday party pictures for this blasted blog for days now and I had all the good ones downloaded and blogger ate them! I am BEYOND upset right now. I can't find any of the images in my computer anywhere and they never made it on blogger so..... here is what few didn't get gobbled up.
First, I want to show off Hutton's BEAUTIFUL smash cake. Monogrammed of course and made by my friend Merri. Notice the handmade "birthday chick" as a topper. Sooooo sweet! I wish I had some better shots of it.

Next are the cupcakes. Oh my! She made a million I think! They were so tasty and so CUTE! We had so many guests that they were all eaten up! YUMMY!
This is the birthday princess just before the party started. She was telling Papa all about what color she wanted her pony to be. White with brown spots of course!And here she is laughing her head off when we tell her that this might not be the year she actually gets a horse. She says she KNOWS her Uncle Alan won't let her down!
The birthday girl and her number one fan... her Mama of course!
Great Uncle Charlie.
Sweet Maggie.... Hutt's BFF. Poor Mag Pie just wants to love on Hutton all the time. Love on, poke her eyes out, lay on her, pull her NG tube out.... here Hutton is trying to push her back while Uncle Jim sneaks in a kiss on that sweet bald head.

Faithful friend, Lyn Collier gets a minute with the birthday girl. Look who FINALLY closed her eyes! Tammy knows how to get those babies to sleep!
Jenn Roddy and Little Grace. I think if Uncle Alan doesn't come through with the horse, Jenn might be our next bet!

And we had former olympians at her party. Mr. Tony Cosey havin' a sweet talk with Hutton.

And FINALLY, a tuckered out birthday girl in her jammies ready for bed! It was a great day and I am still loking for the pictures in blogland so that I can really show you how BIG and FUN her day was! I also have a ton of new pictures to share so I will TRY to update again tomorrow.

Friday, September 12, 2008

This just in....

Reagan's message about what happened on the playground today.

Translation: I don't like people screaming like maniacs from a rattlesnake.
( I honestly don't know where she comes up with this stuff! I mean, there really was a snake- a python- but it bothered her more that people were screaming like maniacs.)

And, please excuse the way she looks. We just got home from the football game!

Let her eat CAKE! ... PLEASE God, let her eat cake!!!!


Guess who turned one! As if you haven't already heard! Baby Buttons! Boy! What a year its been! This child has given me more wrinkles than I care to count! She is worth it of course and its nothing a little plastic surgery can't fix! So- this is how our day went... stick with me here ladies (assuming that I don't have any male readers out there!) Its going to be a LONG one! We wake up to a phone call (the first of a few thousand!) of happy birthday wishes from my friend Shannon who was so kind to offer to bring ME breakfast! FINALLY! Someone who realizes WHO it was that did all the hard work 365 days ago! Chicken minis and a large sweet tea! Ahhh! Next I get a call from my dear old pal April telling me that she and Park and Karen and Kat were on their way over to give Hutton some birthday love. Well- I KNEW what that really meant. Love=food...right? So I got Miss Hutton ready for her "love". Let me narrarate the next few shots.
Ummmm... excuse me- What am I doing in this chair. This IS the eating chair isn't it? You know I don't eat. See the tube in my nose. That means I don't eat. Remember?
Oh- uh... hi Mrs. Cosey. What is that? I don't think I like what is going on here.

Yes, Mrs. Cosey. It IS a cute cake. And yeah- I DO love melmo (aka-Elmo) but...
You gotta be kidding me. A spoon?! I don't think so sister!

Yeah- thats right... you eat the cake. I am full. I REALLY don't want any.
Oh no you didn't! Girl- I will slap that hand of yours!

Told you I wasn't going to eat that cake. Thank you anyway!
A hat? A Birthday Elmo hat?! Did you just get that for me because you KNEW my mom would be secretly DYING inside that I have on a cheesy birthday hat? Ahhh- you shouldn't have! I love it!
Oh! And you brought my friend, Parker too? Thanks guys!
(end of narration) So we ate Elmo cake and Hutton just kind of stared at it. So if you are keeping track, my breakfast consisted of chicken minis, sweet tea, and elmo cake. Breakfast of champions!
So of course, My sweet friend, Marianne, called me to tell me that she had made "the princess" some cupcakes. We drove downtown to pick them up and let her get a birthday squeeze in on The Buttons. Ding Ding... Round 2!
(narration begins again) What the?! Not again! Daddy, you KNOW I won't eat this beautiful cupcake that I am sure really is delicious since it was made by a cute little greek lady, but... nope! Ain't gonna happen!
I don't care if you DO smear it on my lips! I WON'T lick it off! I won't!
You all can eat the cupcakes! (end narration). So we did! Thanks for sharing, Buttons! And why yes, as a matter of fact, they were delicious!
PS- it was our bedtime snack- hence the PJ's!