Sunday, August 31, 2008

Its Football Time in Tennessee!!! (and at CAK)

The very first home game for CAK was Friday night. We had such a blast despite the HOT weather. Needless to say, the Warrior fans were out in record numbers to watch CAK slam Cherokee into the ground. We tailgated with The Dunns, The Sapps and The Coseys. Our "manna" (April gets it! ha!) consisted of hotdogs and organic juice boxes and other goodies lovingly prepared by Mrs. Dunn. We REALLY had so much fun! Here are a few pics of the pre-game festivities.... My Sweet Taylor Dunn Colin Sapp. Isn't he a doll?!

The Rowdy Kindergarteners...Reagan,Parker Sapp, Colin Sapp, Parker Dunn, Mimi, Taylor Dunn, and Mason Cosey

Uh Oh!!!! They've been BUSTED!!!! Just a glimpse into their futures! Ha!
Mary Lawson and Taylor Cosey.

Monkey see, Monkey do! Cutie Mason Cosey.
Pretty Parker.
The Guys.
The dolls! Ha! (Kat, Karen, April, The Warrior, Me, and Sweet Park
Getting ready for the game to begin.
My football boy. At halftime, they announced the pee-wee leaguers. Coop was so excited to walk on the field with his undefeated teammates.
The half-time show.....

The REAL halftime show!!!! Ha! I looked down to see Parker "whipping it! Whip it good!". A VERY proud moment for this mama!

Look at her face! I think she likes it! Yikes!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The last days of summer

We actually made it to church today! Can you believe it?! We haven't been since the winter... or was it last fall? Anyway- we were there today. All seven of us! Of course, you can hardly see Hutton but you can trust me- she looked precious. You really start feeling convicted when your children say to you, "when can we ever go back to church?" We have been trying to figure out how we were going to do it with Hutton but we could never figure it out. We finally decided to just go and work out the kinks once we got there. Well, I am happy to say that there were no kinks at all. Hutton did fabulous and I enjoyed a great sermon. I have missed John Wood's sermons! (I just noticed that my hair really looks like the 80's! Yikes! I think my bangs are kinda tucked up in my sunglasses.)

Here is Hutton and Reagan.

The rest of the day was spent at my parents with family. Tonight we sliced a watermelon and sent the girls outside to eat it. They looked so cute out there eating watermelon in their dresses from church. Of course, I grabbed my camera.

I love this one of Reagan looking at Mimi.

Yeah- that looks like FUN! Think I'll do it too!

Leaving you with one more cutie! Miss Hutton Button lounging on mommy and daddy's big ol' bed!

Goodnite all! Looking foward to tomorrow with the Johnson Seven!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ahhh- the smell of new crayons!!!

I have always LOVED the smells of school starting back up! Weird, huh? Crayons and new pencils are my favorites!
Here are some more of my favorites! Kiddos that is! Enjoy

The football stud! Go Warriors!

Claire, Reagan, and Mimi

Reagan and Mrs. Hamel
Mimi and Mrs. Prine
Reagan, Taylor, Mimi, and Parker at open house.
Cooper and Hutton at CAK open house.

Mary Lawson and Mrs. Lukens
Off to do what it is that I do! Thanks for dropping by! "Talk" to you soon.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Where have you been?

Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and lets catch up. Sorry its been so long! As usual, life is super crazy here at The Johnson Household. Summer break is almost over which means its crunch time for summer reading. We aren't much on reading here. I would love to read but I just can't figure out how to fit it into my downtime. I mean- between watching "Flipping Out" and Food Network, my nights are full! I don't know what I'm going to do when The Office and Grey's Anatomy come back on! On a side note- if you haven't seen "Flipping Out", it comes on Tuesday Nights at 10 on Bravo. You can pretty much catch a marathon any weekend. I just LOVE Jeff Lewis. He is a riot! You should check it out.

Now for the catching up part! Where to begin? Hmmm.... How about July 18th.
Please say it isn't so! Mary Lawson! You can't be 8! Princess Picklehead up and turned 8 on me! So sad! She is my sweetheart with a little bit of sass!On her big day, she wanted to go to Longs for some chocolate chip pancakes. I know we looked hilarious opening gifts at Longs. For those of you who aren't from Knoxville, Longs is a drugstore that still has the old fountian inside. The food is simple but yummy and the experience is completed by horrible service by the grumpy women who have worked there for YEARS. Its great! Next, we went to Lily's Bead Box to make necklaces and earrings. After that, we went to The Cupcakery for some birthday cupcakes. (that meant I didn't have to bake a cake). She spent the night at a friend's slumber party that all her friends from her first grade class were at. (can I count that as her party?). She had fun and so did we.

Lets see... We will now move on to cheerleading camp at CAK. Very cute. The last day, the parents were invited to come and watch what the girls had learned. Hutton made her first trip to CAK. She was so loved on there. She loved every minute of it and so did we. It was so fun to see the expressions on so many faces as they laid eyes on this precious little miracle that they have been praying for nearly a year now. We will forever be thankful to everyone who lifted Hutton up in prayer. You are precious souls. If you look carefully, you can see her stroller in the midst of the crowd! Moving on, I took a photography class from my friend Lyn Collier last Saturday. I have been playing around with lighting. These are some that I took of my handsome baby boy. Still working on it and I know that these aren't great as far as lighting and focus but I liked them because he looks so CUTE!

Speaking of moving on, we are doing just that. David and I have put our house on the market and are moving. David bought a house in Forest Heights last month with plans on "flipping" it. We (meaning I) talked it over and decided to move into it instead of sell it. Right now, its a heap of mess but I think it will be cute once we are done. We have put on an addition and gutted the rest of the house down to the studs. I will miss my house here in West Hills but I can't wait to redecorate!
Okay- I will update again soon. I feel better now that I have posted something. Its hard to catch up! School starts on Thursday so be looking for some pictures of that! Two Kindergarteners, one second grader, and one fifth grader!