Thursday, June 26, 2008

ML takes on Hot Lanta and American Girl!!!

Let me start off this post by thanking Susie Whitener for such an FUN day yesterday! I know that I had a blast and the girls were tickled to pieces with their day as well. You want to know WHAT we did exactly? Well- we hopped in Susie's truck with four of the cutest girls you have ever laid eyes on and headed south to Atlanta to the special preview of the Kit Kittredge- American Girl Doll Movie which is set to hit theatres on July 3rd. We also went to the AG Doll store and the girls picked out a doll of their choice (plus a few extra goodies). The movie was soooo good! I think Susie and I cried off every bit of make up we had on!

Picking out candy before the show. (me secretly hoping she picks the p-nut M&M's)

Here, Mary Lawson and her good friend Molly Mae are waiting for the movie to start. Notice ML's toothless smile. She lost her other top tooth the night before we left. SOOOO cute! Molly and Mary Lawson are teaming up with the shopping bag.

Maggie, Josanna, Molly, and Susie at the checkout for the second time!

Mary Lawson proudly displays round two of her shopping excursion.

Dinner at the American Girl Doll Bistro. They served us a special dinner with foods from the 40's which was the era of Kit Kittredge.

Molly showing Mia the menu.

The toothless wonder!

Sweet Molly Mae!


The girls- very off center but still very cute! Oh- and check out Miss Joshanna on the end. She is only 9!!! She is as tall as me almost! Super model material!

Thanks again Susie for the AG Doll experience! I know ML will never forget it!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is that the icecream man?!?!

Had to share- Innocent summertime fun! Last night the kids were outside playing on scooters and forming "a neighborhood club" when they heard the music that sends children running indoors in a panic- looking for money- terrified that the icecream man is going to get away! Good old dad comes to the rescue with wallet in hand ready to chase him down. After the icecream had been eaten, fireflies were caught and put in jars. It just reminded me of being a kid and it was good to see that somethings just don't change.

Oh- and on a side note... look close at the Johnson Kiddos! Boy are they a sight! Mimi has on our neighbor's jacket (the neighbor is three!), Reagan has on her Ugg's and ML has on her bathingsuit because she had been whitewater rafting with The Whitner's all day. I would LIKE to say that we usually don't look this way BUT..... we do! You gotta love it! For anyone who has known me for a long time, you can see I have come a long way! My girls used to look PERFECT at all times! They wore smocked clothes to play in even! Always had a bow in their hair and just the right shoes for the outfit! My friend Libby reminded me how I used to "spank" the babies little hands if they pulled their bow out of their hair. Can you believe that?! I am embarrassed! Well- I PROMISE I will NEVER spank this little one....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, David Andrew! (AKA Drew)

Happy Birthday to my sweet love!

You are a great soul, a nobel man, and have the most generous heart I have ever known. You are my comfort- through our happy moments and our trials and sorrows. Even when it feels impossible to love you any more, my love multiplies by the second! God has blessed me.

Oh how I wish I could be with you on this very special day. My heart is there with you. Have fun and celebrate YOU!!!! I love you, Drew! Yes- I certainly do!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Boating Beauties!

Just wanted to post some pictures of some real cuties. These were taken on Memorial Day on the boat. We really had a good time with our friends, The Murrays. In order of age...

Cooper- age 10 Watch out for your daughters! This ones going to be a heartbreaker!Mary Lawson- age 7 Watch out for your sons! Her daddy has a gun!

Mimi Kate- age 6 Watch out business world! Shes going to run a huge company some day!
Reagan-age 6 Watch your back! This ones got SASS!!!!
Dylan age 3- Watch out for your daughters again! He has looks and charm!!!
Maggie Dean- Watch out for HER DADDY!!! Her daddy is an ex cop and detective and is now a PI!!! Your sons will be watched VERY carefully! Hee Hee!

We had so much fun on the new sea doo. Thank you, Jim and Shannon for "vacationing" with us this year. Its not the beach I know but it doesn't really matter where you are... its WHO you are with! We love ya'll!