Friday, February 29, 2008

Shes a grand old flag!

Sweet Sis... Princess Picklehead...
Yesterday there was a patriotic Parade at CAK. ML looked so cute and even dressed Mia (her American Girl doll) in red white and blue.

Oh- and who is this beauty?! NICE! Can you tell I have a cold? Hee Hee!
Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dog Days of Winter

All these little people around here keep talking about something going on outside. They are calling it snow. Whats the big deal about this white stuff? Is that a snow bunny?
I gotta check this out for myself...

Nope! This stuff is COLD! I want back in!
Whats the big deal?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tummy Time

Exercise is hard work...especially for Hutton. She fell asleep in Physical Therapy on her tummy. She was so comfie. She has never slept on her tummy before. Until now...

Naptime is over now.

Now I am ready for some serious lovin' from my Daddy...Yep- EVERYONE loves Daddy!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Go Vols!

Hutton Says...

Cooper and Bruce Pearl Say....

Mimi Says....

oops- wrong team!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

feelin' the love at the Johnson House...

The Johnson Girls (minus Hutt) were feelin' the love at the first annual (hows that for pressure Em and Christine) Valentines Day Bash hosted by Hadly Tanner and Addison Smith at The White Balloon. There were a ton of precious little girls and two sweet little boys running around Knoxville's best children's boutique with puff paint in hand and cupcakes dangerously close to the true religion jeans! I thought that Kristine was brave for having it in her store but later found out that she was just a brilliant woman with lots of degrees under her belt!! Ha! She said she didn't think about it until the party had started and then she started freaking out a little! You see, Christine has one sweet little girl who is always on her best behavior. She doesn't know what life is like at The Johnsons! Hee Hee! Oh- it was also funny that another one of the moms there actually said to ME that she didn't imagine that I had a speck of dirt anywhere in my house! Now that is FUNNY! I should have just invited her out to my car to have a look. That would have given her an idea of what my house looks like! Bubble gum stuck to the carpet, icecream smeared on the windows, silly puddy stuck on the seat, mountians of school papers flying out the door everytime someone opens the door. You get the picture. Its always so embarrassing when a teacher goes to open my door in the morning to let the little darlings out and a Sprite can rolls out and down the sidewalk. Hey- at least its not a beer can-right? is messy here. Maybe I need Em Tanner to whip me up a responsiblity chart (available at http://www.emtannerdesigns/) and put these little boogers to work! I SWEAR she doesn't pay me!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Happy Presidents Day!

One the greatest JOYS of being a mom is to see your children in school plays, concerts, field trips, and of course, speeches! Cooper had a report due on a president or first lady and then he had to dress up like the person he chose and say a speech. Cooper was the CUTEST Teddy Roosevelt EVER! He chose Teddy because Teddy liked to hunt like he does. One of the most dreaded jobs of being a mom is anything that has to do with a costume! Thanks to Oma and Aunt Jeanie, this mom didn't have to worry about it! Also thanks to Oma, the report was written and the speech was rehearsed! He was great! I was so proud of him!
Now, this is precious! This is Theadore Roosevelt and Barbara Bush (aka Cooper best girl, Abby Mansfield). She was hilarious! The wig was awesome. All the kids did great and it was super precious!
The day before, I got to go on a field trip with Mary Lawson's class. We went to the library (Lawson McGhee- which thrilled ML since that is who she is named after), then to the post office to mail Flat Stanley. Be looking for him Uncle Alan. ML wants a picture of Flat Stanley at The White House. Then, they rode the trolley to Regas for lunch. At Cedar Bluff Primary, I can assure you that we never got to go to Regas for lunch!Times are a changin' and my wallet is shrinking! Hee Hee! They went with their 3rd grade reading buddies. Mary Lawson's reading Buddy was out of school that day due to an accident involving a baseball bat and a little brother! Ha! No fear- Leighton is fine! She is one of my best friend's little girls. I think their house MAY be as wild as ours with her four kids! Sorry Christy, you know its true! Anyway, ML had a substitute reading buddy, Lindsey Ayres so it all worked out. We did miss Leighton though. She is precious.

This is ML and Lindsey getting ready to mail Flat Stanley.

I love being a mom. I know that most of the time, I look like I am going crazy and it is so hectic, but I really do love my job and love my babies... all five of them. They are each so different and so much fun and they teach me something new each day. They have precious little souls and I am so thankful for each one of them.

I gotta go for now. I have a super sweet man upstairs wanting to spend a little time with his super crazy wife. He is the greatest. Until later...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hugs and Kisses

Hugs and Kisses to you from us! Let The Johnson gang be the first to wish you a very Happy Valentines Day! XOXOX!
So- its been a while since we last spoke. We are so HAPPY to be together again! Little Miss Hutt continues to defy the odds. She is doing great! Cooper and David are at the basketball game tonight so it is quiet around here. Mary Lawson just wrapped up her first season of Girl Scout Cookie sales. We didn't break any records but she did sell enough to earn a badge. I know that will be impressive on her college applications! Ha! Mimi and Reagan just realized that they will be going to Kindergarten this fall. They have Kindergarten testing in a few weeks. Keep your fingers crossed that they make it! (just kidding). They kind of HAVE to take them! They will be six in May! As for me.... Hmmm. Nothing! Just happy to have my little gang together.
If you are wondering about the super cute shirts.... Yep- Em Tanner Designs. I SWEAR she doesn't pay me for these ads! Hee Hee! Maybe she should!
Off to catch a date with The Sandman. Goodnite!