Saturday, January 19, 2008

First Sleepover

Feeling a little out of place tonite... Mimi and Reagan are sleeping over at The Welch's with Miss Carson tonite. Its their first sleepover at a friend's house. Dee Dee was pretty darn brave to tackle it in my opinion! I haven't heard from anyone yet so I assume it is going okay. I am too afraid to call and ask! So the picture above is of Miss Mimi with the cute chunky thighs! I'm actually missing those little monsters!

Can't you just see the meaness in their eyes!? Oh, and I don't think that this picture would classify as "messy cute". Its just plain ol' messy! This is what Mimi and Reagan look like when Mommy is out of town! Its okay, David... You know I love you!
Oh! I miss them being babies! Look how cute and sweet! Now they are little girls...full of sass and spunk!
Gotta go and cry myself a river! Tomorrow when they get back home, I will be trying to sell them on the black market again! Anyone interesred?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Hey Friends-
Its been a while. Emily "guilts" me into posting telling me when its time to update. Tonite will be a short one! I am sooooo tired! Not complaining- tickled PINK to have our little one home! I got some cute shots of her tonight. She pulled her NG tube out so I took advantage of the opportunity and grabbed my camera! Wish Em was here but I will give her what I got and let her work her magic! I know she is mine but... she IS really CUTE!

Speaking of cute....

Check out those chunky thighs! I guess she takes after her Mama! And in case you didn't know it, pink boots DO go with everything ( even your PJ's!)
And, speaking of PJ's, my big kids all got out of the bathtub tonight and put on their PJs inside out. Apparently, if you do this, it will SNOW! You also must flush a piece of ice down the potty and throw a cube out a window. We did our part- now its up to you!

I REALLY wish it would snow. Who doesn't like a good snow day? I know it won't amount to anything. Bummer! Then again, being at home with five crazy kids kinda sounds like torture! I'm a glutton for punishment.

Well, goodnite for now. Maybe my next post will be pics of my little snow bunnies! I won't make them wear plastic baggies over their mittens like my mom made my big sis and me! How embarrassing!

Friday, January 11, 2008

This just in...

This just in.... our mailbox that is! Our Favorite Surgical Fellow, Aunt Stephanie Fuller, sent the CUTEST clothes from a precious boutique in Philly. Hutton was so HAPPY to get them and was even happier when I asked her to model them for me. Isn't she cute?!
Peace Out, Philly!
This one is a little big but will fit perfectly by the time we go back to Philly for stage 2! Aren't babies in hoods precious? This one is! Thank you Aunt Steph and Uncle David! We love you! You are the BEST!!! See you soon!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Sweet! Just so stinkin' sweet!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Messy Cute

Not much going on here at the Johnson household. Kids in school, hubby back at work, baby sleeping... life after Christmas break. I wish that I had something really "blog worthy" to share. Maybe I should have taken some time to snap a few pictures from the other night- ya' know- the ambulance ride to Children's hospital. A couple of fire trucks, a couple of ambulances, a few police cars... oh how the Johnson girls LOVE drama! For anyone who hasn't heard, Hutton is fine. She is great.

And... since the topic of the day is "Messy Cute"( see Em's post , Here is one of my favorite "messy cute" pictures of ML. Just a typical morning at The Johnson House. Now that is cute!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The ORIGINAL "ML" dot....

A "ML" dot....hmmmm....what an original thought! When emtannerdesigns first came about ...i said...hmmm-i want the initial tees (which originated at emtannerdesigns) but NOONE EVER DOES A DOUBLE NAME w/my input emtanner did it! So the initial tee w/ml was designed FOR mary lawson specifically ...and everyone else started ordering like that too after they saw her ML's, mk's, you name it!...kind of cool...funny thing is....em & i just realized ML doesnt have an ML tee yet...but every other double named kid in various cities and states do! ha....She will be getting one next week though...check the white balloon for super cute valentine's day tees em is cookin' up! Super busy since were all home but ill try and update again soon!