Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ahh- Christmas break! I have always LOVED it. Long naps, watching the kids play with their new stuff from Santa, good food, watching movies all day long... the list goes on. This Christmas break has been far from that but I am still loving it as we are preparing to bring home our newest Christmas princess, Miss Hutton!

We have been going back and forth to the hospital AND trying to get her room ready. We are so excited! If all goes according to plan, we will be home on Wednesday.

Here are are few pictures of our Christmas. I hope that you all had a great one! We are looking foward to 2008. Reagan reading one of David's Christmas books from his childhood.

A Christmas Eve traditon. All the kids sleep in Mom and Dad's bed.

Got eggnog?

What would Christmas be without good Old Uncle Steve?

My Sweet Baby Jack! Isn't he sooo stinkin' cute!?!

Patiently waiting for gifts to be passed out at Opa and Oma's house.

Mimi telling Nana what she wants Santa to bring her.

Happy New Year! Be looking for a New Year's card from The Johnson's! The fabulous Emily Tanner just finished designing them and they are very cute! You can see her stuff at

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Donkey

Its that time... Christmas parties and programs. My girls have been so cute lately. They play "the activity" also known as the nativity. I hear "you be Joseph, I'll be Mary, and Reagan, you'll be the donkey." Reagan is always the donkey. Thats what she WANTS to be. Everytime! So, she has been talking about the play that her class is doing for all the mommies and daddies at her Christmas party. She, of course, is the donkey. I have to say, she was THE BEST donkey ever! She was so cute!!! It started a little shakey. She came out and was a little embarrassed so she starts sucking her thumb and talking like a baby. The child has NEVER sucked her thumb. She starts saying, "donkey sucking fumb". I was horrified. "What is she doing? She doesn't suck her thumb. David, make her stop. Please!". She quickly pulled it together and did a bang up job! She stole the show! I'm sure all the mommies thought that their baby was the star.

Mimi is in a different class. They didn't have a play but their party was very sweet and they had fun. Mimi was proud to have her daddy there.

Cooper's party was at the Ice Chalet. All the forth grade was there. They had such a blast. They have such a sweet group of boys in the forth grade. After the party, Coop and I went shopping for the perfect gift for his best girl's birthday. He spent a lot of time picking the perfect thing out. It was sweet.
The night before, we had our annual PJ's and milkshakes night. Thats when we ALL get on our PJ's and load into the truck and get eggnog milkshakes from Arby's and drive around looking at Christmas lights. Here is Coop and Reagan hanging out the sunroof waiting on me to get in the car so we can go!

Reagan made it about 15 minutes before she fell asleep. Here is David carrying her in...

The next pictures are of my little sugarplum fairies dancing around. They can play great together when they aren't beating the you know what out of each other.

Mary Lawson wanting to show everyone her tree.

Sweet Sis! She is getting so old! Oh how it breaks my heart. When I look at Hutton, it takes me back to when sissy was a baby. It seems like yesterday. Hutton is as sweet as Mary Lawson was.
Mary Lawson and Mimi. This is before the Christmas parade downtown a few weeks ago. aren't they sweet?

I hope to post some really cute pics tomorrow of something that David is helping Santa out with today. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Three Wise Boys!

So... Last night is the big Christmas program at CAK. Cooper had a solo. It really wasn't a solo. It was more like a trio. It was very cute. He was so funny. He got up to the mic with his buddies, Jake and Sam, and those boys were so tickled that I didn't think that they were going to be able sing! Then they all got their game face on and pulled through it! They did great. David couldn't be there because it was the David A. Johnson GC christmas party. I videoed it so that David could see it. I got a couple of cute pics but not many because I was trying to video.

After Cooper's part was over, he appeared quite bored with the whole thing....
All in all a fun night.

The next pictures are from the night we made our gingerbread houses. It was so much fun. Everyone was doing such a great job and being so sweet until..... Yep- in true Reagan and Mimi form, they just HAD to act up! I turned around to see Reagan with a sharpie in hand writing her name on Mary Lawson's house. She proceeded to tell me that Mimi had written on ML's friend's (Sheridan) house! I was so mad! WHY??? WHY do they do the things they do?!

The little girl in the brown shirt is not one of mine, but I would take her in a heartbeat! She is a doll. Thats Mary Lawson's buddy, Sheridan.

Well- I am off to go do what it is that I do. Tomorrow....Christmas tree decorating pics! I KNOW that you can't wait! HeHee!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Well- I have been sucked in! Thanks Em! Like I have time for this! It just looks so darn fun! I hope to post some pictures here of our FIVE babies! I plan on keeping our caringbridge site going to post "Hutton News" and this site will be just to vent or blab. Starting now!

Reagan woke up with pink eye this morning. Wouldn't you know it! Mimi was so MAD when she heard me say that Rea would be staying home from school. Then I got a good look at Mimi and guess what... yep! She had some pretty impressive ooze dripping out of her eyes. She was very happy to hear that she has pink eye too! Now I have two little helper elves helping me to wrap presents this morning. David will be home soon and then I will spend some time with Hutton.
As far as Christmas goes, I think I am about done. All I have left to do is the famous Johnson Christmas card... no pressure Em!!! Hee Hee!

I thought I would share some pictures showing the "holiday bliss" at our house. The one of our stockings- well... I just love it! It shows our family ALL together even if it is just our stockings and not our bodies. We have never ALL been in the same room together. Only three at a time at Hutt's bedside. If you look close, you will see our elf-Bobby Bucheit. I am sure he gets a ton of material to take back to Santa at The North Pole about The Johnson Gang!

The Nativity is on here to make my family green with envy! It was my grandmother's, Mimi Dot. When she moved in with my parents she had to get rid of stuff and I got it! We all have a picture of us as babies looking at the baby Jesus wanting to touch it so badly but knowing that our mom would KILL us if we did! I think that everyone was so jealous that I got it!
This one of Mimi is so sweet. The night we decorated our tree, She ran and got some paper and started asking me how to spell a bunch of words. She was wanting to write a letter to Santa telling him that Hutton is in the hospital and to leave her gifts here! Ahhh- maybe I am doing something right!
I will post more pictures later. For now, I am off to see Miss P-Nut Butter- Princess Buttercup- The Biscuit- Hutton Hooten Annie!